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Affordable legal coaching To help you self-represent

Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. is proud to offer do-it-yourself legal coaching services. We will walk you through the legal steps, empowering you to effectively represent yourself and it’s pay-as-you-go!

Like all DIY projects, you save money.

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Legal Coaching Services

Did you know that 50% of Nova Scotians self-represent in family court?

With Legal Coaching Services you can have confidence in representing yourself. You’ll have the benefit of our experienced negotiation and trial counsel advice, at half the price.

No retainer is required. We work on a “pay-as-you-go” model. This allows you to control your costs. You meet with our family lawyers and employment lawyer on dates and times that work for your schedule. We offer on-demand legal services. Work only with experienced negotiation and trial counsel. Get the legal advice you need at a price you can afford.

DIY Legal Coaching Services


With our legal coaching services, we draft all legal documents that you need to negotiate your divorce including the cover letter to the court under your signature. We do the heavy lifting.


Every family court hearing that you attend requires you to file a sworn statement—a document known as an “affidavit”. The affidavit is the most important and powerful document generated in a court proceeding. Judges base their decisions on the evidence they receive. The affidavit you prepare is your opportunity to give the judge the evidence needed to secure a favourable decision. Give yourself a legal edge by allowing one of our seasoned negotiators and trial counsel to write that affidavit for you.


Legal fees can be reduced by hiring one of our experienced negotiators and trial employment lawyers as a legal coach on the toughest human rights and termination issues.


Pursuing or defending a human rights complaint at the Canadian or Nova Scotia Human Rights Commissions can be difficult and expensive. Reduce your costs by hiring our lawyers to be your legal coach.


Ensure your court application is successful by having our trial lawyers review your applications with you in person, on the telephone, on video conference and in real-time.


Small Claims Court is the original DIY court. Claimants typically self-represent. Our coaches will work with you “behind the scenes” to work with you to prepare your strategy and ensure that you have collected the necessary evidence needed to make your case. Let us help you win your case. 


Legal fees can be reduced by hiring one of our senior lawyers as a legal coach. Available for both landlords, landladies and tenants.


Taking a will to probate can be expensive but necessary. Our legal coaches can reduce these costs and help you fill out the court’s paperwork.

Our Legal Coaching Pricing

Legal coaching self-representation provides strategic solicitor-client confidential advice. Teryl Scott’s legal coaches give you the tools and confidence to get the job done. We assist you to negotiate, to draft documents, and to communicate with the courts and other lawyers. You have the advantage of receiving guidance from seasoned negotiators and trial lawyers. 

Traditional Legal Services

$ 450
Per Hour
  • We'll represent you
  • We'll draft all court documents
  • We'll advocate on your behalf
  • We'll converse with courts, lawyers and other parties

Legal Coaching

$ 250
Per Hour
  • Timely, accessible legal advice
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • No retainer fees

What You'll Do

$ 0
  • Converse with lawyers & courts
  • Draft court documents to the best of your ability
  • Book meetings with your legal coach
  • Self-represent in court

I recently had my will updated along with my power of attorney and a medical directive. The process was very simple as I set up a phone consultation with my lawyer,... read more

thumb Barry Johnson
April 20, 2022

Lisa has my highest respect with her knowledge of employment law. I would without hesitation, recommend her service! Thank You again, Lisa.

thumb Bill Sullivan
March 4, 2022

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. She made the entire process as painless as possible and I felt very supported throughout. I would highly recommend Lisa’s services.

thumb Myra Davis
October 19, 2021

What Legal Coaching Does Not Include

Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. is committed to promoting “Access to Justice” for all Nova Scotians, even those unable to afford traditional legal services. Our legal coaching model for legal services assists those who prefer to represent themselves in court or to negotiate on their own behalf and for those who want to better control their legal budget. However, it is essential to understand what our legal coaching services include: we do not talk to judges, lawyers, or other parties. We do not represent you in court.

Three Steps To Success Legal Coaching

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Follow these steps to get started with your legal coaching.

Step 1

Book Your First Appointment

We’ll learn about your situation and immediately start providing legal coaching.

Step 2

Work With Trial Counsel

Our legal team will help you with the “nuts and bolts” of your legal project. We offer on-demand legal services. Legal advice you need at a price you can afford.

Step 3

Schedule Your Next Appointment

When you’re ready, you can book your next appointment online, on the telephone or in-person.