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For more than 25 years we have been developing ways to improve the delivery of legal services for employees and employers. As a result, we are leaders in the field and offer these innovative solutions:

  • We evaluate workplace human rights and other complaints and severance situations, offering mediation and litigation solutions.
  • We provide “legal coaching” for those who would like to represent themselves.
  • And, our most popular innovation in 25 years: we provide pay-as-you-go services to manage your legal budget. No retainer required!
Lisa Teryl

Lisa Teryl
Co-founder of Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc.


Tandiwe Nyajeka
Lawyer and Workplace Investigator

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Our Halifax employment lawyers, who serve all of Nova Scotia, can see you within the week. Your first meeting can be by video, in person or by telephone.

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Our Services In Employment

Teryl Scott’s team of lawyers in Halifax, and serving all of the province, are here for all your employment law needs. Similar to our family law mediation programs, we have worked to develop mediation programs for workplaces.

We also provide sophisticated investigation services for employers on the toughest issues such as human rights complaints.

We will work with your schedule, typically holding meetings via video conference, telephone, or in-person if you prefer. Our lawyers cover the following areas of employment law:

We work with you when your job has been terminated without just cause, severance or working notice.

We work with your organization when arms-length investigations are needed for discrimination, harassment and other issues.

We work with your organization to mediate conflicts and we help the parties come to a fair resolution.

We work with employers in drafting and negotiating contracts. We help employees review and negotiate contracts with prospective employers.

Our lead counsel Lisa Teryl worked at the Nova Scotia Human Rights commission and is available to advise on human rights issues in your workplace.

Halifax Employment Law FAQs

Our Testimonials

Thomas Li
Thomas Li
A year ago

Lisa helped advise me during a recent employment law dispute. It was time sensitive and she quickly navigated the various clauses in my contract, the legal precedent, and provides suggestions of how to proceed. She also took into account what I personally wanted out of a possible resolution, which I appreciated.

Couldn't be happier with the experience. I absolutely would go to her for council in future employment matters. I recommend her for any employee with an employment law issue.

Maskwa Accounts
Maskwa Accounts
A year ago

Lisa was fantastic to deal with, and helped our organization with not only what we originally sought assistance with, but also with a few other items we weren't even aware of. She was very in tune with our needs, and a pleasure to do business with. Would recommend to others.

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
A year ago

Teryl Scott was very helpful for the board of my non-profit getting our employee contracts done right.