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Labour and Employment Lawyers

Teryl Scott employment lawyers span a broad range of experience needed to resolve these difficult and sensitive matters:  investigation, mediation, arbitration, counselling, management conflict training and legal media management.

Our labour lawyers work with the organization’s leadership and employees to build capacity so that it can manage difficult conflicts and effectively address misconduct. When allegations of bullying, racial discrimination and sexual harassment arise, Teryl Scott brings together professionals who have achieved excellence in their fields to assist and resolve the matter.

Labour Lawyer VS Employment lawyers

Labour lawyers are lawyers with a specific knowledge of union-employer work relationships and collective agreements. Employment lawyers have a specific knowledge of employer-employee relationships that are not governed by collective agreements or have involvement with unions.

Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer

A wrongful dismissal occurs when the employer terminates an employee without providing the appropriate amount of severance. For example if an employer alleges bad conduct of the employee and provides no notice that they are terminating the employee and no severance, they may face a wrongful dismissal claim.

Reasonable severance sometimes looks like approximately one month pay for every year of service if there is no employment contract that governs otherwise.

Contact us to talk to an employment lawyer to ask about your wrongful dismissal.

Labour Law Complaints

On a day-to-day basis, managerial fairness and a healthy work culture prevent bullying and human rights complaints from escalating to human rights commissions and to grievances and arbitration. These complaints create risks to the employer of negative publicity, exorbitant legal fees, damaged reputations and poisoned work environments.

Teryl Scott designs its services to manage and reduce these risks. At the same time, we build capacity within the organization to minimize and repair these harms.

Employment Law FAQ’s

How much does an employment lawyer cost?

An employment lawyer will bill their fees either on an hourly rate which can range from approximately $150 an hour to $300 an hour. If an employee has a good basis to allege a wrongful dismissal, many employment lawyers will represent a client “on contingency.”

This means that the lawyer delays the payment of their legal fees until the time of settlement. They then take approximately a third of the settlement as payment for their legal fees.

What does an employment lawyer do?

Employment lawyers assist employers and employees to understand their legal rights and requirements with regard to workplace issues such as human rights complaints, terminations, creating and reviewing employment contracts.

Many also provide workplace investigation and mediation services. A select few also assist organizations to manage media on legal issues and arbitrate collective agreements.

Can I sue my job for unfair treatment?

It depends on the type of unfair treatment you experience. You are protected from discrimination if you are receiving unfair treatment and the characteristic is covered by a human rights act.

These characteristics are, for examples, being female, having a particular religious belief, having a disability and/or being a person of color.

What qualifies as wrongful termination?

Examples of wrongful terminations are when the employer fails to provide (typically) three warnings that the employee’s behaviours are a concern. The employer warnings should also say that further infractions could result in termination.

This added warning allows the employee to understand how serious the concerns are. The employer also generally has an obligation to provide the necessary tools and training to correct objectionable behaviours.

Can you sue an employer for wrongful termination?

Yes. Small claims court and Nova Scotia allows claims up to $25,000 which is a common way that employees seek compensation for a wrongful termination.

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Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. offer a wide variety of legal services in Halifax, Bedford, Dartmouth and Nova Scotia area. While we have very experienced family lawyers we also provide legal coaching for divorces. We also offer quick turnarounds on wills and estate planning in the city.

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