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We Do It Differently

Our human rights workplace investigators understand workplaces and their complexity. We have spent more than 25 years working closely with employees and employers to improve workplace cultures.

As a result, we are leaders in the field and offer these innovative processes:

  • We evaluate the source of workplace conflicts and offer sophisticated solutions.
  • Our workplace investigators seek to de-escalate conflict as they investigate volatile complaints.
  • No retainer required!

Workplace complaints often require outside expertise. Most employers call a lawyer. Lisa Teryl, former senior legal counsel for the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, can provide you with unique insights into your case based on her service at Human Rights Commission. She was a top litigator and mediator, working with major employers in Nova Scotia to investigate human rights and other complaints. She is now available to work for you.

Lisa Teryl

Lisa Teryl
Co-founder of Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc.


Tandiwe Nyajeka
Lawyer and Workplace Investigator

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Our Halifax workplace investigation lawyers, who serve all of Nova Scotia, can see you within the week. Your first meeting can be by video, in person or by telephone.

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Our Services In Workplace Investigations

Our investigators in Halifax, who serve all of Nova Scotia, investigate the toughest human rights complaints such as:

  • racial discrimination
  • gender identity discrimination
  • sexual harassment

And if requested, we investigate to determine if there are systemic issues
driving the complaints.

Our workplace investigators provide investigations for both simple and complex situations.

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Our Testimonials

Maskwa Accounts
Maskwa Accounts
A year ago

Lisa was fantastic to deal with, and helped our organization with not only what we originally sought assistance with, but also with a few other items we weren't even aware of. She was very in tune with our needs, and a pleasure to do business with. Would recommend to others.

Sruly Kalfa
Sruly Kalfa
11 months ago

Truly incredible working with them! Strongly recommended!

2 years ago

Lisa did a wonderful job doing legal work for me. She helped me very much, and was also efficient and kind. She is a gem.

Signed, Odette MacLeod.