Workplace Lawyers Who Provide Workplace Investigations


Teryl Scott workplace lawyers offer simple and complex investigations into workplace complaints such as racial discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment. A simple investigation is designed to pinpoint what happened in an individual circumstance. Recommendations are made on the validity of the allegations and what steps should be taken to correct the immediate situation.

JACK PHAM is Teryl Scott’s workplace investigator. Jack specializes in high profile workplace racial discrimination and sexual harassment cases. His previous experience includes handling many of them for the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission and Toronto Transit Commission. Jack’s investigations are marked by their sensitivity, neutrality, thoroughness and fairness.

Collaboratively, he works with all of the relevant individuals to de-escalate workplace conflict as he assists the organization to understand what happened. For a simple workplace investigation, the report will provide individual-focused recommendations on how to respond.

“It’s been our privilege to collaborate with … human rights consultant, Jack Pham, on a number of occasions. We wanted to pass along our appreciation for Jack. His responses and customer service have always been timely and his analysis has been of the highest quality and clarity.”



Complex workplace investigations include issues beyond the individual circumstances of the allegation of  a human rights violation, for example.  Investigators provide insight on the broader context that contributed to the allegation. Recommendations include systemic changes in policies, procedures, staffing, and organizational structures. Race-based and sexual harassment complaints, for example, are frequently complex and difficult for employers to resolve in-house.  This challenge is especially so if the allegations are made against senior management who hold power within the organization.

These challenges can include:  Emotionally charged accusations • Mismanaged complexities • Bad-faith allegations • Well-meaning but misguided interventions • Unequal accountability • Intense intra-office politics • Forgotten organizational values.

For complex investigations, LISA TERYL, senior legal counsel and workplace lawyer at Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc., partners with investigator JACK PHAM to engage with relevant stakeholders in the institution. Teryl Scott investigators take a relational approach to the investigation which expedites proceedings. These investigations can provide legal, policy and organizational recommendations in order to eliminate future risk and exposure.

LEGAL COSTS Simple and  complex investigation costs vary depending on how broadly and in-depthly they are commissioned. Depending on the length of the investigation, monthly flat fees can be provided to be cost-effective for the organization. Investigator fees when not capped are $180/hr.  Discounts are available for non-profits and smaller businesses. HST and any disbursements are additional costs.

Common Questions For Workplace Lawyers

What is a workplace investigation?

A workplace investigation is a process that allows an employer to have an in-depth knowledge of an events or event that happened in the work place.

How do you conduct a workplace investigation?

A workplace investigation needs to contact all of the relevant people connected to the problem to determine what happened and how to fix it. Most investigations also include recommendations in terms of how to address the injury or harm to the workplace.

What is the purpose of a workplace investigation?

The purpose of an investigation is to allow the person with authority to understand what happened which allows the proper solutions to be implemented.

Can you be investigated without your knowledge?

Yes, if there is no employment contract or collective agreement that says otherwise, an employer is free to investigate without notifying the employees.

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