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We Do Immigration Law Differently

Teryl Scott partners with Brookshire Law Office’s immigration lawyers. What does that mean for you? Having an experienced immigration lawyer means that you’ll have better success with your applications.

Whether you’re looking for help with temporary residence, citizenship, or permanent residency,  Brookshire Law Office’s immigration lawyer is ready to assist.

The cost of an immigration lawyer depends on how many people you are including in your application and the complexity of your situation.

For exact details on costs, please contact us today and we will put you in touch with Brookshire Law Office’s immigration lawyer.

Brookshire Law Office’s experienced immigration lawyer in Halifax, Alan Freckleton, has seen success in a full range of immigration services. With more than 25 years of experience, he works with individuals, families and businesses and knows that each case is unique. 

Therefore, he develops a plan that is unique for each client and helps them achieve their immigration goals.

Here are some areas Brookshire Law Office’simmigration lawyer specializes in:

  • Immigration Appeals
  • Inadmissibility
  • Permanent Resident
  • Temporary Resident
  • Citizenship
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Employment Authorizations
  • Sponsorship Applications
  • Detention Hearings
  • Visa Extensions

Temporary Residence

Includes visas, permits, eTAs and extensions for visitors, students and employees. Temporary workers and permanent workers can both benefit from these services.

Permanent Residence

Family class, economic class and provincial nominee programs. We will also work with refugees and humanitarian cases.


Our immigration lawyer will help with your Canadian citizenship application. Or grants or any other special cases.

immigration lawyer

Alan Freckelton

Call or Text (902) 706 5030 our friendly assistants will be happy to take your call.

With a few questions, we'll gather the right information and Alan Freckelton will get in contact with you.

Immigration Law FAQs

How much does an immigration lawyer charge?

The cost of immigration legal advice can vary. It depends on how complex your case is and how many people you are wanting to get applications with. For example, a family of 6 applying for Canadian citizenship will cost more than an individual looking to get a work visa.

To get a rough idea contact our immigration lawyer to get an estimate for your case.

Do you need an immigration lawyer to work in Canada?

You do not need an immigration lawyer to work in Canada. However, you do need a work visa, or temporary residency. Many times this process can be complicated and take months to go back and forth with government officials. For a faster and easier process, we highly recommend having a lawyer help you with your applications.

What does a Canadian immigration lawyer do?

Immigration lawyers work with employers, governments, and you the migrating individuals. Your lawyer will help you understand the proper steps and forms needed to get you the quickest application possible.

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