The Teryl Scott Team

We provide you with sophisticated guidance throughout your legal process while providing fair, efficient and cost-effective legal services.

Lisa was raised in St. Margaret’s Bay. She founded Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. with her brother Shawn Scott. She is senior legal counsel. She has been a practising lawyer for more than 25 years. Lisa is passionate about empowering laypeople with the law and making the law more accessible and therefore fairer to Nova Scotians.

Lisa has a deep knowledge of family law, human rights law, employment law and how to manage tough conflicts. Using this experience, she developed Teryl Scott's popular flat fee mediation programs for families and employers. This reduces the time and resources required to resolve family law and employment law conflicts. She also has extensive experience in Wills and Estate planning.

In 2015 she was an honoree at an Extraordinary Alumnae Lunch from the Schulich School of Law. Lisa graduated from the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University. Lisa Teryl is a member of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society. She served for six years as the senior legal counsel at the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission (2009-2015).

Lisa is also a legal educator and authored Nova Scotia Law: Everything You Wanted To Know But Couldn’t Afford To Ask (Pottersfield, 2002). A local bestseller and an early effort to empower laypeople with the law.

In her spare time, Lisa plays fiddle in the country and western fiddle band, The Wheelers. The Wheelers band members are a collection of lawyers from Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc, Brookshire Law Office, and Richardson’s Law Office – Lisa’s mother also joined the band and plays the piano. They began volunteering to perform in local nursing homes when Lisa’s father was admitted to White Hills Nursing Home.

Tandiwe is our family lawyer and assists many clients with our pay-as-you-go legal coaching services. She also assists with the workplace investigations for small and major employers across the province who require formal investigations by an independent investigator. Her conflict resolution skills are also used in family matters as a trial lawyer and mediator.

Tandiwe is a Haligonian. She received her Graduate Diploma in Public Relations Management from McGill and provides legal services in French and English. She has a Juris Doctor from Dalhousie Law School.

Tandiwe is the proud mother of twin boys and has an interest in English literature. She enjoys fencing and martial arts.


Alan Freckelton

Alan Freckelton, of Brookshire Law Office, has been practicing in immigration law for approximately 25 years. He obtained undergraduate degrees in Economics and Law at the University of Sydney. Alan passed his Canadian National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) law exams and relocated to Canada with his family in 2010. He then obtained his Masters’ degree in Law at the UBC in 2013. In 2020 he relocated to Nova Scotia and joined Brookshire Law Office. Teryl Scott now refers all our real estate and immigration clients to him.

Alan is widely published in the area of immigration law with 17 scholarly articles on this topic. He has also written a textbook on Australian immigration law. He is licensed in Nova Scotia and has practiced immigration law in three countries (including America and Australia).

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Shannon McMullin

Shannon grew up in St. Margarets Bay and is the firm’s paralegal. Shannon is happy to assist us with administrative matters pertaining to legal separations, divorces, Wills and other estate documents.

Shannon has a background in biology and dietetics from Mount Saint Vincent University. She also has two small children who keep her busy!


Maegan Field

Maegan joined our team with a significant amount of experience in accounting and administration. She graduated with her business administration degree from Memorial University in 2009 and attended St. Mary’s University in 2010 to further her accounting education. She has played on the women’s basketball team for Memorial University of Newfoundland and St. Mary’s University.

Maegan was born in Newfoundland and married a Newfoundlander. While building her career, she has had the opportunity to work in various locations across the country because her husband works for the Department of National Defence.