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We Do Family Law Differently

Welcome to Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc., a Halifax family law practice. Our family lawyers and divorce lawyers are here to provide easy and affordable legal separations.

Traditional divorces can be filled with conflict. Legal teams battle for tactical advantage. Legal fees accumulate and life savings dwindle. Children struggle to understand. Emotional damage can be extensive.

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Do-It-Yourself Legal Services

Lawyers can be expensive. With DIY Legal Services you can have confidence in representing yourself. Learn how you can get the benefit of our Senior Legal Counsel’s advice, at half the price.

Divorcing Well™ Our Family Law Solution

Our family law mediators focus on minimizing harm to family relationships and maximizing fair outcomes. Divorcing Well™ mediations are completed in five weeks. Making it the most cost-effective and legally sophisticated way of resolving separation and divorce conflicts, without breaking the bank.

We work for separating couples who prefer to focus on their future. Who want to minimize emotional damage to themselves, their children and their families.

Our family lawyers developed Divorcing Well,™ as an easier and more affordable solution for Nova Scotians.

We have been trusted as a Halifax family law firm for 25 years. Our core values assist families in their pursuit of fair and reasonable outcomes in cost-effective ways.  

Fair Outcomes

We provide unbiased legal information. Our mediators’ responsibility is to create fair outcomes at minimal cost to you.

Together, but separate

To minimize conflict, the parties are not typically with the mediator at the same time. The mediator works with you individually about your concerns. It’s just one-on-one.


Expect to be in and out in 5 weeks. With 3 to 5 appointments each, you can finalize quickly your legal separation agreement.

Cost Effective

No retainer fees. Divorcing Well™ mediations are billed on a flat fee basis. The fee includes the cost of drafting the separation agreement.*

* The outcome of Divorcing Well™ is a separation agreement. This separation agreement is the foundation for an uncontested divorce.

Each party works with their independent divorce lawyer to sign the agreement and receive a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice.

With these documents, the parties avoid spending time battling in court over a contested divorce. When the parties have been separated for a year, they then can have the Divorcing Well™ legal mediator then draft the divorce documents and share this cost too.

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Call or Text (902) 233-6660 or email senior legal counsel, Lisa Teryl, to start your process. We're here to listen to your legal issues and resolve them fairly, efficently and cost-effectively.

We Do Family Law Differently

Our family lawyers care about our clients that hold the same values as we do.

Family law Services:

Traditional Divorce Lawyers...

Each party hires their own divorce lawyer, who writes costly positional letters outlining their client’s demands. These adversarial proceedings significantly increase the risk of contested divorces.

In Nova Scotia, it costs approximately $20,000 for court preparation and court time for every day a party spends in court. In other words, a two-day trial costs about $40,000 per person in legal fees. The adversarial approach creates winners, and losers and a lot of legal fees.

Divorcing Well™ embraces a “win-win” philosophy. Increasing the possibility of having an uncontested divorce which costs a lot less

Divorcing Well™ avoids the pitfalls associated with divorce lawyers battling. It gives the parties the benefit of receiving impartial legal information that is based on divorce law and precedent.

Parties share the cost of the Divorcing Well™ which encourages the parties to resolve matters in a timely fashion–five weeks. No retainer fees. It is “pay-as-you-go”, making it easier to manage the legal budget.

Independent Advice From Family Lawyers

An important part of Divorcing Well™ is the parties consult their own independent family lawyers. They receive independent legal advice about the various proposed settlement terms that would lead to an uncontested divorce.

Since these settlement terms were developed with the legal mediator, the time required with an independent family lawyer is significantly reduced.

Each party’s lawyer offers independent legal advice to their client. This advice is another layer of assurance that the separation agreement, drafted by the Divorcing Well™ legal mediator, is fair and reasonable.

To summarize, the parties are encouraged to consult their own family lawyers before signing the separation agreement. To obtain a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice from their lawyers.

The Courts says that separation agreements signed without Certificates of Independent Legal Advice are easier to overturn later. Banks also require a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice to refinance the matrimonial home.

What Customers Say About Our Family Lawyers​

    5 star review  Overall great experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone I know.

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    5 star review  I had a good experience with Teryl Scott through my mediation. Lisa did a great job of informing of the process of mediation across distant (Ontario & Nova Scotia)... read more

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Family Law Fees

Divorcing Well™ mediations are charged as a flat fee and in two stages. Learn more about our Divorcing Well™ Fees. 

Uncontested Divorce: $950 each plus HST and disbursements

The federal Divorce Act requires the parties must be separated for a year before a judge will grant the divorce. When the Divorcing Well™ mediation process results in a signed separation agreement, each parties’ pay $950 each rather than tens of thousands of dollars. This is so, because the Divorcing Well™ mediated separation agreement established the terms of their separation. Then the parties are ready to file for an uncontested divorce– without the costly drama. 

Upon, then the parties have to bring that issue in front of a judge to resolve it.

Solicitor-Client Legal Fees

For those who do not require mediation, our family lawyers also provide legal support services (legal coaching) for people who want to represent themselves. These legal support services are ideal for those who have to attend court but do not want (or cannot afford) the full cost of a lawyer representing them.

The family lawyers at Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. provide assistance helping a party, for example, to draft their affidavit (typically the most important court document) or to help them draft an offer to settle to the other party. 

  • No retainer ever,  just pay-as-you-go
  • Senior family lawyers are engaged at $300 per hour
  • Legal drafters cost $150 per hour

Our boutique family law firm is committed to better access to legal services, therefore sliding scale for legal fees is available for families with lower incomes.  Contact us for further information.  

Family Law Lawyer Q&A

What do I need to Divorce?

Most people need a family lawyer, written separation agreement confirming your agreement on property (and debt) division, child custody, parenting times, child support and spousal support (called alimony in America).

What is divorce mediation and Divorcing Well?

Divorcing Well™ is Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc.’s uniquely efficient contested divorce mediation process. The five-week timeline makes it the most cost-effective, and legally sophisticated may of resolving legal conflicts as you separate and divorce.

What is the most affordable way to divorce?

An affordable divorce occurs when the parties agree on all the terms of the divorce.  These terms are in the separation agreement. Divorcing Well™ mediators help the parties come to an agreement on the terms of the separation agreement / divorce in a short five-week process. This short process helps to keep costs very low.

After the parties have signed the separation agreement, the divorce is just a matter of paperwork being filed with the court. There is no requirement to attend court and thus avoiding expensive legal fees associated with a contested divorce.

Is a mediated divorce appropriate if there is a lot of conflict between the parties?

Yes, Divorcing Well™ mediation does not bring the parties together in the same room. In fact, the greater the conflict between the parties, the more helpful it is to have a mediator.

Mediators are trained to de-escalate people’s emotions and regulate communication to allow an efficient resolution. Divorcing Well™ mediations do not bring the parties together throughout the five-week process except sometimes in week five, the final week, to sign the separation agreement.