Traditional divorces can be filled with conflict. Legal teams battle for tactical advantage. Legal fees accumulate and life savings dwindle. Children struggle to understand. Emotional damage can be extensive.

We do it differently.


Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. focuses on minimizing harm to family relationships and maximizing fair outcomes.

We work for separating couples who prefer to focus on their future. Who want to minimize the emotional damage to themselves, their children and their families.

Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. developed Divorcing Well™, an easier and more affordable divorce solution for Nova Scotians.

Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. is a trusted Halifax family law firm. Our core values are to assist families in their pursuit of fair and reasonable outcomes in cost-effective ways.  

*This separation agreement is the foundation for an uncontested divorce. Once you both sign the agreement with your personal lawyers and receive the Certificates of Independent Legal Advice, you avoid spending time battling in court over a contested divorce.

In Traditional Divorces

Each party hires their own divorce lawyer. These lawyers write costly letters outlining their clients’ demands. These adversarial proceedings often lead to contested divorces.

Legal fees for a one-day trial cost approximately $20,000; $40,000 for a two-day trial – you get the picture. The adversarial approach creates winners and losers and costs a lot of money.

We do it differently.

Divorcing Well™ embraces a “win-win” philosophy–increasing the possibility of having an uncontested divorce– which costs a lot less. 

Divorcing Well™ avoids the pitfalls associated with divorce lawyers battling. Divorcing Well™ gives the parties the benefit of receiving impartial legal information that is based on divorce law and precedent.

Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. is the impartial legal mediator. The fact that the conflicting parties share the cost of mediation encourages the parties to resolve the matters in a timely fashion.

Furthermore, with no retainer fees, you pay-as-you-go. That way, you always know where you stand – with no hidden or unpredictable fees.

Independent Legal Advice

An important part of Divorcing Well™ mediation is the parties consult their own personal lawyers. Receiving independent legal advice about the various proposed settlement terms that would lead to an uncontested divorce.

Since these settlement terms were developed through a collaborative process, the time required with independent legal counsel is significantly reduced.

This is so, because the parties have worked though the major issues that are important to them with the legal mediator.

Your personal lawyer offers independent legal advice which is another layer of assurance that the separation agreement, as drafted by the Divorcing Well™ mediator, is fair and reasonable and in your best interests.

To summarize, the parties are encouraged to consult their own lawyers before signing the separation agreement (drafted through the Divorcing Well™ process) to obtain a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice from their lawyers.

The Courts say that separation agreements signed without a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice are easier to overturn later. Furthermore, banks also require a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice to refinance the matrimonial home.

What Our Divorce Well™ Clients Say

Thanks Lisa.  You made an awful situation easier to bear. Thank you for your guidance. I am so very grateful to you.


Thank you [Lisa Teryl] for all your patience and expertise getting me through this difficult time. I will contact you in the future to update my will.


Thank you Lisa, you were worth every penny.



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  • Child Custody and Parenting Plans
  • Mediation Support via Webex for remote clients

Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc.: Halifax Family Law Mediation with a Difference

The Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. family law mediator:

  • is a impartial facilitator
  • is contracted by both parties
  • typically works with individuals separately
  • listens to your concerns in an unbiased manner 
  • gives you legal information and 
  • provides guidance on how to achieve fair and reasonable outcomes. 

The parties are guided to fair and reasonable solutions by the legal mediator based on the law, and the unique facts of your case. But, ultimately you mutually decide the final terms of the separation agreement, except for child support which is legislated. 

Divorcing Well™ legal mediators have special training with domestic violence counselors to handle power imbalances between the parties and know how to de-escalate conflicting emotions. When there is family trauma such as violence, child abuse or cheating, it is important to have a safe and caring legal process. If you are unsure whether mediation is right for you, contact Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. for your initial free 15 minute consultation.

After the separation agreement is drafted by the Teryl Scott’s legal mediator, the parties each have their own separate lawyer review it. After signing the agreement and receiving Independent Legal Advice Certificate with their lawyer, the parties have a binding legal separation agreement.

Divorcing Well™ legal mediators provide a free 15 minute initial phone consultation for each party.

  • Senior legal mediators cost $300 per hour.
  • Each party shares the cost of preparing the separation agreement, and other required documents
  • Each party pays for their own time with the Divorcing Well™ legal mediator

This boutique family law firm is committed to better access to legal services, therefore a sliding scale for legal fees is available for families with lower incomes.  Contact us for further information.  

Many employers have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and qualify for a  25% discount on Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. legal fees.

The firm also honours our active and former military personnel with a 25% discount.

Discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts or sliding scale fees. (HST and disbursements are additional costs.)

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    review rating 5  Lisa goes above and beyond. Nice to find someone with strong ethics and who is using her profession to try and make the world a better place. She looks to settle conflict-not to continue it. The minute you meet her you will trust her and she will take care of you. She is upfront and reasonable with her rates. Don’t look any further.

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    review rating 5  Lisa is incredible. Kind, caring and compassionate. As well as knowledgeable. I couldn't have made it through to the end of my divorce without her support! I would highly recommend her!!!

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