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  • We provide flat fees--see below for the answer to, "How much does a Will cost in Nova Scotia?"
  • We simplify the terminology and process.
  • We complete the work in one week with just one visit.

Life is unpredictable but less stressful and less costly when prepared for it.

Our Halifax Wills and Estate lawyers, serving all of Nova Scotia, are able to make your estate planning a low-stress experience. We recommend preparing your Wills, Powers of Attorney and Living Wills (end-of-life directives) now, before you need them.

Without these documents, you may have to hire a lawyer to make an application to court to appoint a medical proxy, an executor, and/or a financial guardian. Being proactive reduces costs since there is no need for a court application.

Lisa Teryl

Lisa Teryl
Co-founder of Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. and one of our estate lawyers

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Our Services In Wills & Estates

All you need to know when you meet with our Wills and estate lawyers.

During our first conversation with you, our estate lawyers will ask you:

  • Who will be the executor and alternate executor of your Will--that is, who will take over financially for you when you die?
  • Who are you gifting your assets to?

And if you have children:

  • Who will be the guardian of your children in terms of their day-to-day care?
  • Who will be the trustee--that is, who manages your children’s inheritance while they are minors?
  • How old would you like your children to be when the trust expires and they start to manage their inheritance independently?

Legal Fees for our Estate Lawyers - How Much Does a Will Cost in Nova Scotia?


  • Will and Estates planning: $425*
  • Power of Attorney: $200*
  • Personal Directive: $200*


  • Wills and Estate planning: $725*
  • Powers of Attorney: $350*
  • Personal Directives: $350*

Most Popular

Estate Packages: Wills, Powers of Attorney and Personal Directive

  • Individuals: $725*
  • Couples: $1095*

*Plus 4% admin fee and HST

Wills and Estates FAQs

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that dictates how you want your personal assets to be distributed after death. Effective on the date of your death, a properly signed and witnessed Will will ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

What is a Personal Directive?

A Personal Directive legally designates someone to make medical and personal care decisions on your behalf. Before the Personal Directives Act was created in Nova Scotia, this document used to be called a Living Will. The Personal Directive can only be used by your medical proxy (substitute decision-maker) when you are not mentally capable of making these decisions yourself. You can also use a Personal Directive to provide detailed instructions about your medical care in a particular situation. For example, whether you wish to have your life prolonged when you are in a permanent coma.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is effective while you are living. A Power of Attorney allows someone to conduct your financial affairs during your absence or incapacity. For example, if you are in the hospital, someone would pay your rent and take care of your other bills using a Power of Attorney. The document is a type of trust, however, so it can never be used against your interest.

Why prepare an entire estate package?

The estate package is the best value and the most popular. Our estate lawyers recommend all three documents since they provide complete care of you in the event you cannot do it yourself and then after you are no longer with us. In summary, a Will is for the distribution of your assets after death, a personal directive is for your personal care, and an enduring power of attorney is related to care of your finances while living.  While they are three separate documents, we offer a reduced rate when clients buy the package. For further details on the three documents, visit our blog to read about Wills, Power of Attorney and Personal Directives.


Other Resources

For more information on estate planning, the Canadian government has helpful resources.
Contact our estate lawyers for any specific questions you may have.

Our Testimonials

Brian Matheson
Brian Matheson
6 months ago

We met with Lisa and her law student assistant Alaina last week. The completion of our estate planning went very well. We previously had a phone interview to establish the basics. This made only one in office meeting necessary.

Lisa is an expert in this area of law that covered our Wills, enduring Power of Attorney, and our wishes for medical care in a Personal Directive. It was a relief to get our estate in order. Lisa was very easy and knowledgeable to work with.

The Wills and Estate Planning was provided at a reasonable and set rate. Very professional!

Highly recommend Lisa and her team!

Christina Reid
Christina Reid
A year ago

We were very pleased with the quick, friendly and professional service we received while getting our will and estate in order.

Yin Nianqing
Yin Nianqing
A month ago

We had an appointment with Lisa to get the estate package for my parents. Lisa was very professional knowledgeable, and helpful. She explained all the details in simple words to ensure we understand everything, answered all my questions. I'm really appreciate her help.