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Human rights law is the heart and soul of our firm. Our co-founder and senior counsel, Lisa Teryl, was the senior legal counsel for the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission for six years. Lisa was also manager of legal services at the Human Rights Commission and of the Board of Inquiry administration.  These positions make her uniquely qualified to counsel employers and employees who are trying to navigate the difficult terrain of human rights complaints.

  • She understands the board of inquiry system and the best way to protect your interests
  • Her deep knowledge of administrative and human rights law reduces the time and resources required to resolve a complaint
  • Her familiarity with the broad range of tensions between employers and employees results in solutions that create effective and sustainable outcomes
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Lisa Teryl
Former Senior Legal Counsel for the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission 

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Our Services In Human Rights

Human rights complaints are often complex and can include:

  • emotionally charged accusations
  • mismanaged complexities
  • false allegations
  • well-meaning, but misguided, interventions
  • unequal accountability
  • intense intra-office politics
  • forgotten organizational values
  • damaged reputations
  • poisoned relationships

Not all of these complaints are in need of a hearing by the human rights tribunal (called a Board of Inquiry), which at its most basic is a small claims court for human rights. If a complaint is brought to the Commission by an employee, for example, the Commission will investigate it and it decides if their complaint goes to adjudication (court). 

This process can take years (three is not unusual) and can result in extensive legal fees if the parties retain lawyers. The adversarial approach can aggravate damaged reputations and a poisoned work environment. 

If matters escalate,  Teryl Scott human rights lawyers offer both legal coaching—no retainer required—or full representation on matters regarding human rights.  

Teryl Scott human rights lawyers also offer alternate services such as neutral mediation services for low and high conflict human rights workplace issues

Our human rights lawyers are also available to provide independent 3rd party workplace investigations

The following are some of the tools we use to resolve human rights complaints:

Legal Fees

Solicitor-client work: Our senior legal counsel provides this service billable at $450 per hour plus HST.

Third-party investigations: As part of our commitment to provide better access to justice for  lower income persons and organizations, a sliding scale is used for workplace investigations where nonprofits and small institutions are involved. See more information on our Workplace Investigations page under Employment Law.

Low conflict, three-week mediations are $3,500 plus HST and disbursements, after the initial consultation. See more information about these mediations on our Workplace Mediations page under Employment Law.

High conflict five-week  at mediations are $7,900 plus  HST and disbursements, after the initial consultation. See more information about these mediations on our Workplace Mediations page under Employment Law.

Our Testimonials

Yin Nianqing
Yin Nianqing
4 months ago

We had an appointment with Lisa to get the estate package for my parents. Lisa was very professional knowledgeable, and helpful. She explained all the details in simple words to ensure we understand everything, answered all my questions. I'm really appreciate her help.

Dave Guthrie
Dave Guthrie
4 months ago

Lisa is a dedicated professional who cares about her clients needs and her friendly assistant Shannon keeps everyone on the same page. Because of the exceptional service and reasonable fee’s, I can only say to recommend her firm for anyone needing family law experts period!

Courtney Blandin
Courtney Blandin
3 years ago

Lisa is incredible. Kind, caring and compassionate. As well as knowledgeable. I couldn't have made it through to the end of my divorce without her support! I would highly recommend her!!!