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Divorcing Well™ Mediation


Divorce Mediation

Divorcing Well™ is a unique divorce mediation process refined over 26 years of working with divorces. 

Teryl Scott’s family lawyers saw that the divorce industry needed better tools to help families. Divorces do not need to be expensive and drawn out. 

Divorcing Well™ uses our lawyers for mediation which empowers the individuals to complete your separation agreement peacefully, without the legal battles experienced in traditional divorces.

Our mediation experts make your separation a smooth, and affordable process.

Step 1

Book Your Appointment

Get your first appointment with your mediation lawyer.

Step 2

5 Separate Mediation meetings

Over the course of 5 weeks each party will meet with the mediator separately. 

Step 3

Review with a lawyer

Then each party has the option to review the completed separation papers.

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Peaceful Separation with Mediation

Peaceful Divorces have never been so easy

Traditional separations have each party hire their own family lawyer, who write costly positional letters outlining their client’s demands. 

These adversarial proceedings increase the risk of contested divorces. Which makes a divorce costly and can be drawn out over years.

Together, but Separate

Each party meets with the family mediator separately. This minimizes conflict and allows us to focus on fair and reasonable outcomes.

Cost Effective

By using Divorcing Well™ both parties get the benefit of sharing legal mediation costs. Using mediation for separations minimizes the conflict, which reduces your legal time and hence costs.

Fair Outcomes

We provide unbiased legal information through mediation. Our mediator's responsibility is to create fair outcomes at minimal cost to you.

Our mediation lawyers help You Every Step Of The Way

Our lawyers are also trained mediation experts. We’re here to help your separation be clear and efficient.

important things you should know

FAQ About Divorce Mediation

Yes the Divorcing Well™ process requires both parties to participate in the mediation meetings. However it’s important to know that each party meets with the legal mediator separately.

Divorcing Well™ is a mediation process that focuses on finding resolutions between the separating parties. Our legal mediators are impartial and focus on fair outcomes for both parties.

With Divorcing Well™ meditations, which establish the terms of your divorce, costs a flat fee of $4,500 plus HST per party if it is a standard mediation.

The mediation is billed in two stages and payable at the beginning of each stage. For complex mediations (e.g., where business assets or self-employment is involved) the flat fee is $6,700 plus HST per party.)

Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. has a sliding fee scale available to people with lower incomes.

Yes absolutely! You can book a free consultation with us, or contact us to learn more.

Our Legal Mediation Team Is Here For You

Our team is caring and compassionate with over 26+ years of experience in family law.

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Divorce mediation
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

Divorce Mediation Timeline

Divorcing Well™ mediations are completed in just five weeks.  The parties provide the requested financial information within the first three weeks and attend each week’s meeting separately. 

In the fourth and fifth week, the draft separation agreement is ready to review. Final negotiations are completed with their personal family lawyers, the parties and mediator.

When the parties have been separated for a year, they then can have the Divorcing Well™ legal mediator draft the divorce documents and share this cost too.

What happens if the separation agreement cannot get it mediated in five weeks?

After five weeks, the parties have a clear understanding of what the outstanding issues are and what the likely legal outcomes would be if they go to court.  If one of the terms of the separation agreement cannot be agreed upon, then the parties have to bring that issue in front of a judge to resolve it.

Divorcing Well™ Mediation Fees

Divorcing Well™ meditations–which establish the terms of your divorce– cost a flat fee of $4500 plus HST per party if it is a standard mediation. The mediation is billed in two stages and payable at the beginning of each stage. For complex mediations (e.g., where business assets or self-employment is involved) the flat fee is $6700 plus HST per party.)

Stage One: $1800 each plus HST (for complex: $3000)

This fee is due at the time the Divorcing Well™ five-week mediation is scheduled. 

Each party is expected to provide all of the banking, financial and income tax information within the timeframes requested by the legal drafter.

  • Then separately attend four (1.5 to 2 hrs) sessions with the legal mediator over four consecutive weeks

Stage Two: $2700 each plus HST (for complex: $3700)

This flat fee is due at the beginning of week three. 

The legal mediator and legal drafter:

  • begin to prepare the draft separation agreement, an equalization table, two income statements and a joint property statement 
  • with all the parties and their legal counsel, they host a final mediation in week five (separate rooms but at the same time)