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Teryl Scott’s mediation program empowers you to complete your separation agreement with less conflict than traditional divorces. Divorces do not need to be so hostile, expensive or drawn out. You choose the timeline for the completion of your separation:

  • One-Week (no-conflict), you bring the terms and we draft the agreement
  • Three-Week mediation program (low-conflict), we help craft the terms of the agreement
  • Five-session mediation program (high-conflict), if necessary the judge will order the terms of the agreement

As industry leaders, our family lawyers in Halifax provide flat-fee services with short timelines– just some of the ongoing innovations we are making.

Better tools. Less conflict. Happier families.
Here are a few of the areas our separation and divorce mediation lawyers in Halifax assist with:

  • Child custody and parenting times
  • Child support
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Separation agreements
  • Asset and debt division


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Lisa Teryl
Co-founder of Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc.

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Our Halifax family mediation lawyers, serving all Nova Scotians, can see you within the week. Your first meeting can be by video, in person or by telephone.

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Our Services In Mediation

Option One: One-Week Mediation Program (no-conflict)

The One-Week (no conflict) option involves the preparation of a separation agreement without mediation. When the parties can agree on all issues without the help of a family mediator, they choose option one. With this option, we help the parties dra their separation agreement based on their mutual understanding.

The cost to create the agreement is typically $1,250 (plus HST) per person and is done either separately or together with the parties in one session (normally by video conference).

Option Two: Three-Week Mediation Program (low-conflict)

Our Three-Week mediations are for couples who can negotiate outside of the mediation sessions aer they have had assistance from the mediator in understanding what is legally fair and reasonable.

The cost of the Three-Week mediation is $2,450 (plus HST) per person.

Option Three: Five-Session Mediation Program (high-conflict)

Our Five-Session mediation program is for high-conflict situations, meaning that the parties can no longer communicate directly with each other.

During week one, the mediator collaboratively prepares the family court application documents for the parties to allow a binding settlement judge to participate in the fifth session, if needed.

In the first four weeks, the mediator works with the parties to draft a separation agreement or consent order.

If needed, a judge of the family court in the fifth session will order the outcome for any outstanding issues after a settlement hearing with the judge in the fifth session.

The cost of this package is $4,900 per person plus HST and disbursements (such as court filing fees).

Call today and we will help you assess your situation and find a program that works best for you.

Our Testimonials

Myra Davis
Myra Davis
10 months ago

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. She made the entire process as painless as possible and I felt very supported throughout. I would highly recommend Lisa’s services.

Dave Guthrie
Dave Guthrie
A month ago

Lisa is a dedicated professional who cares about her clients needs and her friendly assistant Shannon keeps everyone on the same page. Because of the exceptional service and reasonable fee’s, I can only say to recommend her firm for anyone needing family law experts period!

Donny MacIntosh
Donny MacIntosh
2 years ago

I had a good experience with Teryl Scott through my mediation. Lisa did a great job of informing of the process of mediation across distant (Ontartion & Nova Scotia) provinces. My file was quite complex given my financial situation; however, I thought Lisa did a good jon of managing expectations throughout the process.

In hindsight, I would recommend we add additional mediation time for more complex situations (like mine), though, I recognize my situation was unique which created a bit of unnecessary rushing at the end. I’d highly recommend this firm and Lisa for any mediation! I would have liked to have more time to find a mutual solution.. But overall, I can move forward and “sleep at night” with this arrangement 🙂