Resolving Complaints
for Regulatory Agencies

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Most professions self-regulate by statute. These professions include nurses, lawyers, doctors, dentists and physiotherapists. They receive complaints from the public and take action to resolve them while upholding the public interest. Complaints, if they go to a full hearing, can be very costly for the regulatory body. Investigating and resolving regulatory complaints does not need to be expensive or drawn out, but it does need to be fair, efficient and in the public’s best interest.

Senior counsel Lisa Teryl – former senior legal counsel at the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission – has a unique blend of experiences: handling the regulatory complaints, mediating and safe-guarding the public interest.

Given this deep knowledge and experience, Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. has developed a mediation program specifically designed for regulatory bodies who are mandated by their legislation to resolve complaints from the public, with the public's interest in mind.

Our legal mediators in Halifax, HRM and serving all of Atlantic Canada assist regulators with:

  • Interpreting and upholding their public interest mandate
  • Reducing conflict and harm associated with complaints
  • Creating binding settlement agreements
  • Improving the member’s opportunity to learn from the complaint
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Lisa Teryl
Co-founder of Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc.

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Our Services In Mediation and Binding Mediation

Choose the timeline for the completion of the binding mediation

  • One-week binding mediation (agreed facts)
  • Three-week non-binding mediation (short-term conflict or isolated
  • Five-week binding mediation (longer-term conflict)

As industry leaders, our mediation programs provide flat-fee services with short timelines– just some of our ongoing innovations.

Better tools. Less conflict. Better outcomes.

Mediation and Binding Mediation FAQs

Our Testimonials

Roseita Corbett
Roseita Corbett
A year ago

Respectful, thorough and  professional...answered all questions at length and provided a comfortable, 'safe' environment to do so!

Kate Thomson
Kate Thomson
3 years ago

Wonderful service from a very caring lawyer!

Sruly Kalfa
Sruly Kalfa
11 months ago

Truly incredible working with them! Strongly recommended!