Workplace Mediations

Mediations are guided by the values of the organization. Workplace mediations can involve individual conflict resolution or multi-party stakeholders  conflicts. Individuals mediations typically resolve employee vs manager conflicts and employee vs employee conflicts.  The mediation process is designed to repair harms and support the repair of relationships.

For unit-wide dysfunctions  such as wide-spread bullying, poisoned work environments,  and systemic discrimination,  multi-party group mediations are also facilitated.  The organization’s  leadership is central to a multi-party mediation.  The process is guided by the institution’s values and mission statement, as the leadership seeks to understand the root causes of the workplace issues.  

Teryl Scott mediations are rights-based, which means mediation explores not just common interests but also a common understanding of the law. A sense of empathy is developed throughout the mediation process by fully exploring the legal, financial and emotional consequences for the parties. Within this context, the parties are better able to exercise their agency and take responsibility for the resolution, resulting in an expedited outcome. I appreciate all your help and words of encouragement.

​​ I appreciate all your help and words of encouragement. You [Lisa] give me hope that there are good people left in this world 🙂 Thanks again! It’s a pleasure working with you.


A sense of empathy is developed throughout the mediation process by fully exploring the legal, financial and emotional consequences for the parties. Within this context, the parties are better able to exercise their agency and take responsibility for the resolution, resulting in an expedited outcome.

​For those complaints or grievances that cannot be resolved, the parties are prepped to participate in an adjudication. Mutually beneficial, streamlined arbitrations are recommended to avoid, where possible, expensive adversarial arbitrations or complaints to the federal or provincial human rights commissions. 


The employer has a responsibility to articulate its core values through its vision
and mission statements. Teryl Scott mediators are trained to ask those involved to reflect on their values and how they align with the organization’s core values because a failure to adhere to them is the foremost reason given by arbitrators when upholding terminations. 

Settlements regarding collective agreements, for example, address both parties’ concerns which create settlements not only that both parties “can live with” but one which gives them a process to be meaningfully heard and one that supports their working relationship. 

To reduce further liability exposure, Teryl Scott can audit the professional development opportunities offered by the employer to ensure these values are clearly articulated and​ understood by employees. 

Throughout the mediation process, all parties at a minimum receive independent legal advice before an agreement is signed. LISA TERYL, senior legal mediator, and experienced family lawyer, provides both parties with legal information which helps them understand the limitations and costs of their positions while building an empathetic understanding between parties which allows them to move forward.

​”We greatly appreciate all that you [Lisa Teryl] have done to date and cannot thank you enough.  I know that…[my colleague] has had a hard time with all of this but it truly helps having someone with your experience to guide us through it. “



Mediation costs vary depending on how many parties and the number of issues involved. For longer mediations, monthly flat fees can be provided to be cost-effective for the organization. Legal mediators are typically billed at $300/hr. Non-legal mediators are billed at $150/hr.

In the spirit of access to justice, a sliding scale is available for smaller businesses and lower income individuals. These reduced rates applies to our junior and senior legal mediators, alike.  

​HST and any disbursements are additional costs.

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