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Our employment mediators understand workplaces and their complexity. We have spent more than 25 years working closely with employees and employers to improve workplace cultures. An important part of this work is mediating conflicts.

As a result, we are leaders in the field and offer:

  • Evaluations of workplace human rights complaints with suggested solutions
  • A de-escalation of conflict in order to expedite resolution
  • Flat fees, no retainer required!
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Lisa Teryl
Former senior counsel at the Nova Scotia Human Commission and Co-founder of Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc.

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Our Services In Workplace Mediation

Our workplace mediators help develop a sense of empathy throughout the mediation process by fully exploring the legal, financial and emotional consequences for the parties. The mediation process is designed to repair harm and support the repair of relationships.

Workplace Mediation FAQs

Mediation services include:

  • Three-week mediations which are designed for conflicts between employees which are not related to the structure of the organization (i.e., not systemic issues). The mediator works with the immediate supervisor to resolve their employees’ conflict.
  • Longer meditations, that may have a larger number of parties or multiple issues involved

Our Testimonials

Roseita Corbett
Roseita Corbett
A year ago

Respectful, thorough and  professional...answered all questions at length and provided a comfortable, 'safe' environment to do so!

Kate Thomson
Kate Thomson
3 years ago

Wonderful service from a very caring lawyer!

Sruly Kalfa
Sruly Kalfa
11 months ago

Truly incredible working with them! Strongly recommended!