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Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. focuses on programs that empower you to complete your separation agreement in ways that minimize conflict and maximize fair and reasonable outcomes. For high conflict divorces and separations, we have created a unique program called the Divorce Legal Communication Program (also covering common law separations) which allows the participants to have one neutral legal facilitator handle their communications separately. Teryl Scott also partners with– and can recommend as needed throughout the process– high-conflict therapeutic counsellors. (See below for the counsellors we work closely with.)

Involving our specially trained high-conflict therapeutic counsellors: 

  • Helps you communicate better as parents
  • Helps you identify and express your feelings, needs, and preferences in a clear and respectful way
  • Helps you resolve conflicts better by helping you understand the perspectives of others involved in the conflict, teaches you skills to communicate effectively, manage emotions and cope with stress.

With less anxiety, better communication and better conflict resolution skills, the Divorce Legal Communication Program is a tool specifically designed to de-escalate the parties and focus on getting the legal work done. 

If unaddressed, past trauma can interfere with one’s ability to work through a separation agreement. One may be distracted from searching for the best interest of everyone involved, including the children. A trained professional can help you process your emotions, while the legal facilitator can focus on getting the legal work done, fairly and reasonably.

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Lisa Teryl
Co-founder of Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc.

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Our Halifax family legal facilitator, who serves all of Nova Scotia, can see you within the week. Your first meeting can be by video, in person or by telephone.

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Our Services For High Conflict Divorces and Separations

Many clients in a high conflict separation would like to keep their proceedings private. Legal facilitation is a discrete process that does not involve the details becoming public record. With facilitation, the couple’s relationship and divorce details are both private and confidential.  

Our Halifax family legal facilitator, serving all of the province, works with you each separately over a period of four weeks.  At the beginning of the process, the parties contract to have any matters that cannot be agreed upon in four weeks to be brought before a binding settlement judge. The binding settlement is final and cannot not be appealed. In the Halifax courts, it takes approximately four months to be assigned this judge.

Four-Week Legal Communication Program

Our Four-Week Legal Communication program is for high-conflict situations, meaning that the parties can no longer communicate directly with each other.  (For example, no-contact order, peace bonds or either party blocking the calls of the other, etc.)

During week one, the legal facilitator collaboratively prepares the family court application documents. These court documents request a settlement judge (binding or non-binding) to participate after the program is completed. If it is a binding settlement conference, this means the judge will make a ruling on the outcome, saving the parties from going to trial. If it is non-binding, the judge will only be able to make recommendations. 

In the first four weeks, the legal facilitator works with the parties separately to draft a separation agreement or consent order.

If needed, after the Four-Week program has concluded, a judge of the family court may order the outcome of any outstanding issues at the end of the settlement hearing. If the matter settles within the Four-Week Legal Communication program, the flat fee remains the same since the preparation of court documents has been completed in the first two weeks of the program.

The cost of this package is $4,900 per person plus HST and disbursements (such as court filing fees), after the initial consultation. The cost of the therapist's time is a separate cost. The client pays the therapist’s fees directly to the therapist.

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Tod Augusta Scott Family Therapy Logo

Our High-Conflict Therapeutic Counsellor Partners

Tod Augusta Scott is the founder of Tod Augusta Scott Family Therapy. He is known internationally for his work in family violence, restorative approaches, trauma and narrative therapy. He has published widely in the field and presents his work nationally and internationally.  His work has been highlighted in numerous publications and in the documentary A Better Man (2017).  

In addition to his private practice, Tod serves on the Advisory Council for the Status of Women, Canada.  He received an Award of Excellence from the Deputy Minister of National Defence for his work addressing sexual misconduct in the CAF (2019) and he was also awarded the "Distinguished Service Award" from the Canadian Association of Social Workers.

Tod is brother to Lisa Teryl, and it is through this shared passion for restorative approaches that they were able to develop together the idea of Legal Communication Services for Divorce. Coming from both sides of the service, they were able to see how what they provide individually, would be enhanced if provided together to their clients. Tod’s associates have also been trained in high-conflict relationships and are available to partner in this service as well.

Our Testimonials

Myra Davis
Myra Davis
10 months ago

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. She made the entire process as painless as possible and I felt very supported throughout. I would highly recommend Lisa’s services.

Dave Guthrie
Dave Guthrie
A month ago

Lisa is a dedicated professional who cares about her clients needs and her friendly assistant Shannon keeps everyone on the same page. Because of the exceptional service and reasonable fee’s, I can only say to recommend her firm for anyone needing family law experts period!

Donny MacIntosh
Donny MacIntosh
2 years ago

I had a good experience with Teryl Scott through my mediation. Lisa did a great job of informing of the process of mediation across distant (Ontartion & Nova Scotia) provinces. My file was quite complex given my financial situation; however, I thought Lisa did a good job of managing expectations throughout the process.

In hindsight, I would recommend we add additional mediation time for more complex situations (like mine), though, I recognize my situation was unique which created a bit of unnecessary rushing at the end. I’d highly recommend this firm and Lisa for any mediation! I would have liked to have more time to find a mutual solution.. But overall, I can move forward and “sleep at night” with this arrangement 🙂