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We have spent more than 25 years developing ways to improve the delivery of legal services. For families looking to adopt, we are leaders in the field and offer these innovative solutions:

  • Our uncontested adoptions are offered as flat fee services to help you control your legal budget
  • Work with Tandiwe, our experienced adoption lawyer and get the legal advice  on the timeline you need.  

Tandiwe Nyajeka, Adoption Lawyer

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Our Halifax adoption lawyer, who serves all of Nova Scotia, can see you within the week. Your first meeting can be by video, in person or by telephone.

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Our Services In Adoption

Adoptions Nova Scotia

Adoptions are a special  life event which can be a time of celebration, not a time of struggling through court paperwork. Our adoption lawyer has nearly ten years’ helping parents connect the legal dots to parenthood. 

Our uncontested adoptions (meaning the parties involved agree in the adoption taking place) involve, first, an initial consultation, and then work on the adoption itself.

When you are applying for adoption in Halifax, the uncontested adoption process includes (among other things):

  • Writing to the Department of Community Services to provide a notice of proposed adoption. This would include details of the parties involved
  • Completing the application ‘with consents’ for adoption in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. 
  • Upon approval of the court, receiving an adoption order. As part of the flat fee, we attend all court appearances with you as your legal representative.

Whether you are looking to adopt a baby, child, youth or even an adult, we would love to be a part of the process with you. We will be with you step by step, helping you understand the nature of the law, helping you gather your paperwork, and helping you through the court process.

Adoption Legal Fees

Uncontested adoptions are $3500* plus HST (flat fee), and disbursements, after the initial consultation.

*some exceptions apply

Our Testimonials

Rosetta Corbett
Rosetta Corbett
A year ago

Respectful, thorough and professional...answered all questions at length and provided a comfortable, 'safe' environment to do so!

Kate Thomson
Kate Thomson
3 years ago

Wonderful service from a very caring lawyer!

Sruly Kalfa
Sruly Kalfa
11 months ago

Truly incredible working with them! Strongly recommended!