Human Rights Lawyers in Halifax,
Nova Scotia

Teryl Scott Lawyers  Inc., a Halifax law firm, has a team of experienced human rights lawyers and partners with the non-profit the Canadian Rights and Freedoms Centre to promote and protect human rights. The Centre is independent of the government and their legislatively created human-rights commissions.

Every individual that resides in Nova Scotia has the right to equal treatment. Unfortunately, human rights violations do occur and when they do, you need to contact an experienced human rights lawyer in Halifax.

Canadian Rights and Freedoms Centre

The Centre promotes human rights and freedoms by working with communities, businesses and governments to reduce conflict, repair harm, and build stronger relationships with ​individuals and communities who are most vulnerable to social injustice.

The Centre adopts a restorative justice philosophy: It seeks to repair the harm of victims by engaging a process that builds personal responsibility in the individual who did the harm and communities that created or contributed to it.