From the Restorative Opportunities Pamphlet, an introduction:
“Restorative Opportunities (RO) is a Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) program that offers victims and offenders an opportunity to enter into dialogue to address the harms caused by serious crime. All requests for service are carefully assessed to determine the appropriateness of the intervention and the readiness of the participants to proceed with communication.

The following report offers an overview of 105 offenders charged with sexual offences who participated in the RO program.  Included is information relating to referrals to the RO program in the Atlantic, Ontario, Québec and Prairie regions as well as cross-regional cases shared with the Pacific region. The data presented does not include cases administered by the Victim Offender Mediation Program (VOMP) through the Collaborative Justice Initiative (CJI) service contract in the Pacific region.

Only referrals that have gone through an initial assessment by NHQ and were subsequently assigned to an RO mediator are included in this report.  

Referral Statistics – RO Cases Involving Sexual Offences
The total number of RO referrals received between June 1st, 2000 and March 31st, 2012 is 727.  Of the 727 referrals, 105 were for sexual offences.

This ratio is consistent with the general federally-sentenced offender population.
CSC is responsible for over 22,000 offenders – over 13,000 are incarcerated and over 8,800 are under supervision in the community.

  • 25 per cent are serving sentences for homicide
  • 14 per cent are sex offenders
  • 23 per cent have a robbery conviction
  • 21 per cent are serving sentences for drug offences”

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