New Employee – Justine Lucas

Justine Lucas legal drafter

Teryl Scott Lawyers would like to welcome a new employee Justine Lucas to the ranks.

Justine is coming on board as an articling student and legal drafter.

Welcome Justine! Let’s learn some more about her.

Justine Lucas, Articled Clerk and Legal Drafter

Justine graduated in June 2019 from Dalhousie Schulich School of Law.  After law school, all graduates are required to become articling clerks supervised by practicing lawyers.

Justine joined Teryl Scott Lawyers  Inc. as an articling clerk under Lisa Teryl’s supervision. Lisa is senior legal counsel and Teryl Scott’s founding partner, one of the best rated family lawyers in Nova Scotia.

After a year of articling Justine will write the Nova Scotia bar exam. She is currently studying for it and plans to ace it in June of 2020.

Bilingual Lawyer To Be

After Justine passes her bar exam, she will be a practicing bilingual lawyer!

She is from beautiful Chéticamp, Cape Breton where she was raised speaking fluent french. It’s a pleasure to have a fluent french-speaking employee join the ranks of Teryl Scott. Lawyer Inc.  

Justine’s Valuable Experience

Justine graduated  in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Forensic Psychology at Saint Francis Xavier University. Psychology is a big part of being a successful, effective lawyer, especially when it comes to practicing family law.

At Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. we focus on understanding people and resolving issues efficiently and effectively by de-escalating conflict. 

We know that Justine will make good use of her background in psychology,  and she will bring skilled legal drafting services to Halifax and Bedford.

Welcome to the team Justine!

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