Teryl Scott assists employers to develop conflict resolution processes that are
aligned with their own values.  Well-designed and implemented conflict resolution processes​ can resolve issues before they escalate ​to a human rights complaint or grievance.

Teryl Scott evaluates the root causes of institutional conflicts and recommends
actions to address them. Trainers identify institutional barriers to fair outcomes and strategies to overcome them. When necessary, the employer is trained to build capacity to resolve its own conflicts ​with transparent, fair and reasonable outcomes.

Lisa [Teryl] thank you very much for your services you did an excellent job[.] I would refer your services to anyone[.] You’re really good at what you do. [I] wish you the best in your future endeavors.😉



Trainers are billed between $150 to $300 /hr, depending on the time and resources required. Flat fees can be offered to create cost-savings. Discounts are available for non-profits and smaller businesses. HST and any disbursements are additional costs.