Mediation - Arbitrations

For collective agreement disputes, Teryl Scott legal mediator-arbitrators work for the mutual benefit of  the parties, using cost-effective mediation.  When the parties are unable to come to an agreement, binding decisions are provided.

The mediation-arbitration process prepares and supports the parties to engage mutually beneficial, streamlined arbitrations when needed. These streamlined hearings are significantly less expensive than adversarial hearings.  They determine what happened and who​ should take responsibility for any remedies in a way that strives to value the underlying relationships. 

This is much like the process of divorce mediation that Teryl Scott also offers.

For those situations where the parties prefer a traditional arbitration process, these are also available.  ​

LISA TERYL, senior legal counsel and arbitrator, is a member of the national arbitrators association: ADRWeb.  She summarizes in the article, “A restorative adjudication process shows promise” the cost savings in legal fees achieved using these streamlined hearing procedures while serving as Senior Legal Counsel with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission (Nova Scotia Barristers’  Society magazine The Society Record, 2015).


Arbitrator costs are $300 /hr. Depending on the length of the mediation and hearing, monthly flat fees can be provided to be cost-effective for the organization. Cancellation fees for the hearing are also negotiable. Discounts are available for non-profits and smaller businesses. HST and any disbursements are additional costs.

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