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The intense scrutiny of public accusations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination requires a proactive response that clarifies the organization’s values. Principles and values shape the conversation. Another component of successfully managing the organization’s relationship with media is highlighting how its vision, mission and values align with the organization’s response to the misconduct. 

When a company or an employee of the company is tied to a criminal investigation it can garner serious media attention. Not just the traditional TV, radio or print, but it now includes the internet, social media, blog posts and even podcasts. As a result, it has changed the way companies handle the public relations aspect when dealing with an investigation and conflicts. 


A recommended approach in these situations is to establish an investigation and to communicate to the public, if necessary,  that an impartial law firm is conducting the investigation. These kinds of communication can support trust in the process to achieve fair outcomes and provide assurance it is being appropriately responded to. 

LISA TERYL provides Teryl Scott’s legal media management services. As former Senior Legal Counsel for the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, she worked extensively with the media shaping the way human rights issues were understood and reported.  She specializes in simplifying complex legal issues for the public. Her book Nova Scotia Law: Everything You Wanted To Know But Couldn’t Afford To Ask (Pottersfield, 2002)––a local best-seller––simplified everyday legal issues for non-lawyers. In an article she wrote for the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society magazine The Society Record, “Cultivating Empowered Workplaces,” she articulates her management philosophy and the importance of articulating institutional values.

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Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. She made the entire process as painless as possible and I felt very supported throughout. I would highly recommend Lisa’s services.

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